Michael Richard Smith – the fraudster with many last names – jailed for five years

Michael Richard Smith, 41, also known as Michael Richard Weaver, Michael Richard Levertoff and Michael Richard Fresnell, has had name suppression for the last couple of years so the Herald hasn’t been able to write about him. He changed his surname to Smith in January, three months before he would begin his fight – which he would subsequently lose – against fraud charges… fraud totally about $700,000. [Read more…]

John Edward Clancy, Riani Suhandi and “FJ40 Trust” – FJ40 Trustees Ltd shares

John Edward Clancy, sole director of three building companies recently put into liquidation, has readily accessed the Companies Office website as “Presenter” and ‘authorised’ the record of a transfer of all the 80 shares listed as owned by “FJ40 Trust” in OJJ Christchurch Central Ltd – into the ownership of  Riani Suhandi. These shares – 20% of the company – were “owned” by a “Trust” with no trustees names ever having been recorded against the shareholding record – a clear breach of the Companies Act 1993 by Clancy. [Read more…]

John Edward Clancy and Global Developments (Waltham) Ltd (In Liq)

John Edward Clancy is recorded on Companies Office Register as the sole director of Global Developments (Waltham) Ltd which was put into liquidation on 22 July 2015 by Order of the High Court under s 241(2)(c) of the Companies Act 1993. The petitioning creditor was the Inland Revenue Department. David Murray Blanchett of PriceWaterhouseCoopers Auckland was appointed by the Court as Liquidator. (This is the third company directed by Clancy that has been put into liquidation in recent months).

John Edward Clancy’s “signature” is recorded on the Director’s Consent Certificate he “signed” sometime on or before the 21 January 2014, which was faxed at 10.21 that day to the Companies Office from Tim Fleming Associated Ltd, registered office Level 5, 64 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton, Auckland, New Zealand. The Certificate was completed by the accountant acting for all the companies John Clancy directs, Richard Townsend Somerville, of Walker Somerville Ld, which has its registered office at Level 5, 64 Khyber Pass Rd, Newmarket, Auckland, 1023 , New Zealand. (Somerville and Fleming work in the same office).

The “John Clancy” signature on the Director’s Certificate would appear NOT to be his. It does not match in any way the signatures on numerous other Director’s certificates he has signed.

John Clancy Signature Director Global Developments (Waltham) Ltd

Compare for example his signature with his signatures involving the incorporation of Global Homes Ltd (now called LF Holdings Ltd) on 8 July 2009.

John Clancy Signature as Director of Global Homes Ltd (now LF Holdings Ltd)

John Clancy Signature as 100% Shareholder Global Homes Ltd (Now LF Holdings Ltd)

[Note: As of 29 November 2011 John Clancy’s individually held ownership in “Global Homes Ltd” was reduced from 100% to 5%. The remaining 95% of the shares were transferred to a Trust of which John Edward Clancy and his wife Youngmee Clancy are the only trustees. As trustees they  jointly  own the shares with a trustee service company – Clancy Trustee Company Ltd, owned and directed by Somerville].

The Consent Certificate for the shareholder of Global Developments (Waltham) Ltd  – FJ40 Trustees Ltd – was signed by Richard Somerville and faxed to the Companies Office at 15:21 on 20 January 2014 from the Office of Tim Fleming Associates Ltd. All the company’s 1000 shares are jointly held by FJ40 Trustees Ltd (owned and directed by Somerville), and the Trust’s single trustee John Edward Clancy.

FJ40 Trustees Ltd Shareholder Global Developments (Waltham) Ltd

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