Maurice Williamson: A “Gay” icon’s ‘Gangnam-style’ politics and his “contemptible” speech

The media has reported that the Pakuranga National MP, the Hon. Maurice Williamson, “has become an unlikely gay icon following his supportive speech at the final reading of the same-sex ‘marriage’ bill. On Wednesday night [17 April] Williamson delivered a masterclass in the use of humour as a weapon, introducing New Zealand – and the world – to memorable phrases like “the gay onslaught” and “most enormous big gay rainbow” as he dismantled arguments against the bill, which passed into law by a comfortable margin.” [According to Wikipedia a gay icon ”is a public figure (historical or current) who is embraced by many within lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities”].

A careful analysis of Williamson’s four minutes of grandstanding reveal that this newly discovered “gay icon” never really addressed any of the key arguments levelled against the bill by its opponents in the First and Second Reading Debates, let alone “dismantled” them (see later discussion). The empty rhetoric and poverty of coherent argument was reminiscent of the The Emperor’s New Clothes.

“One of the newspapers in New York claimed I was one of New Zealand’s only openly gay MPs,” Maurice Williamson told a reporter while  laughing, adding:  ”That’s not quite true – my wife wanted to know whether the New York Times knew something more than I did.”

A video of  the energetic speech given by this flamboyant “ego-tripping” “Buffoon”, as journalist Karl du Fresne refers to him in commenting on his “contemptible” speech, has reportedly gone “viral” on You Tube, having been viewed over 580,000 times since Wednesday 17 April. Du Fresne considered it contemptible “because it mocked and ridiculed people who had merely exercised their right to express a view on the bill.” The self-deluded Emperor Williamson’s ‘arguments’ in favour of the bill, when exposed, are found to be nothing more than ridicule and self-deluded lies motivated by naked ambition to curry favour with the LGBT communities.

So what does this media-hyped ‘adulation’ by “gays” over the most enormous big humour of ‘Emperor’ Williamson indicate about the true size of this Member’s exposed ego?  To use Williamson’s phrase it is a “most enormous big” ego. Media refer to the Member as the “breakout star of the gay marriage debate” …. who ”seems to be enjoying his moment in the spotlight” and is even fantasising that he is the sexy Kiwi Member equivalent to Korea’s funny man of Gangnam Style fame. ”I feel a little bit like ‘Gangnam Style’ now – what am I going to do for an encore?” he said on Firstline.

Given that Gangnam Style’s most memorable lyric [the only comprehensible one!] for the English speaking world is “SEXY LADY”, perhaps Williamson could further boost his meteoritic rise to fame within the LGBT communities world-wide by punctuating all his future political speeches with the words “SEXY LADY” accompanied by “horse-riding” dance posturing for the “encore” …..

His encore could begin…..

‘We are really struggling to know what the CAUSE OF NEW ZEALAND’S UNEMPLOYMENT IS – SEXY LADY – will look like. SEXY LADY. We don’t know if it’ll come down OVER THE NEXT FEW MONTHS, YEARS OR DECADES, – SEXY LADY – or whether it’ll be eliminated by a gas that flows in over the Pakuranga electorate and locks us all in – SEXY LADY. I had a LABOUR PARTY MP tell me that I was supporting an ‘unnatural act’ in TRYING TO REDUCE UNEMPLOYMENT. SEXY LADY – I found that quite interesting coming from someone – SEXY LADY – who’s taken an oath TO SUPPORT THE – SEXY LADY – LABOUR PARTY for his whole life – SEXY LADY.”

So “most enormous big” is this Member’s ego and his Rainbow halo that he has taken up an invitation to do some more grandstanding on a most enormous big US talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show hosted by none other than the most enormous big ”gay icon” Ellen DeGeneres, in order to spread world-wide his mocking ‘humour’ and ridicule of New Zealanders who opposed the “gay” ‘marriage’ bill sponsored by openly lesbian Labour MP for Manurewa, Louisa Wall.

Prime Minister John Key has given the rainbow green light to Williamson to exercise his “gay” international diplomacy stage act, as Key has been enlightened by the LGBT community of the most enormous big pink dollar tourism potential in marketing New Zealand as a destination for “gays” to solemnise their weddings. Key considers it provides more ‘bangs for NZ bucks’ to have an international “gay icon” like Williamson travel to the US to give voice to the Degenerate Company what every New Zealander truly feels in their consciences and hearts about “gay” ‘marriage’, rather than fund a referendum to determine what New Zealanders actually believe, and then tweet the outcome to the US Degenerates.

Prime Minister John Key has so embraced the Gangnam-style sexy lady mouthpiece of “the masterclass in the use of  humour as a weapon” that he is reported to have jokingly requested that the Member write Key’s speeches.  Key apparently revels in “humour directed as a weapon” at those defending traditional marriage and craves the skill to be able to lace his own speeches with such ‘humour’-ladden inflammatory and vitriolic barbs….. and all the while maintaining his wide grin. Attacks on Roman Catholic priests over their celibacy lifestyle choice could well soon become a regular part of John Key’s verbal arsenal, once the sexy lady “gay icon” Williamson takes over his speech writing duties.

The bill’s sponsor, lesbian MP Louisa Wall,  is widely acclaimed in the LGBT communities as a Dykon – “a portmanteau of the words “dyke” and “icon”, that has recently entered common lexicon to describe figures particularly iconic to lesbian people” (Wikipedia).

“Dykon” and “Gay Icon” are like two identical little “gay” peas in a pod – equality personified – but different: different but equal. Both demand equal rights and truly deserve it. Louisa Wall – who represented NZ in net-ball and rugby is the dykonic match-mate for “gay icon” funny man Maurice Williamson: a dyk/gay iconic pair every New Zealander can be proud of to represent all their  views on “gay” marriage on the international stage.  (Louisa has just recently returned from a “gay” diplomacy tour of duty to South America, accompanied by openly lesbian Green Party List MP Jan Logie and National List MP Tau Henare).

Qualities of a “gay icon” according to Wikipedia, often include glamour, flamboyance, strength through adversity, and androgyny in presentation. National MP Maurice Williamson is considered by the LGBT community world-wide to possess all of these in the most enormous big measureHis crowning glory is his  most enormous big rainbow haloThis marks him as one who has never resorted to ridicule, ad hominem attack or contempt of others who may sincerely share a world-view that differs from his or who holds a view contrary to his own.

The same-sex ‘marriage’ Third Reading ‘Debate’ certainly revealed much Queer humour – marked by ridicule, lies and mockery.

Queer as Wikipedia defines it, “is an umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities that are not heterosexual, heteronormative, or gender-binary. The term is generally controversial because it was reappropriated to an extent in the 1990s from its use as an anti-gay epithet. Furthermore, some LGBT people disapprove of using queer as a catch-all because they consider it offensive, derisive or self-deprecating given its continuous use as a form of  hate speech. Other LGBT people may avoid queer because they associate it with political radicalism, or simply because they perceive it as the faddish slang of a ‘younger generation’.”

Maurice Williamson performed his speech with the energy of Britain’s got Talent 2009 sensation Susan Boyle. His sonorous delivery and faddish flamboyant jabs of mental dexterity had us all utterly spell-bound by the profound truths he articulated.  We then all erupted in laughter when the LGBT judges in the parliamentary gallery gave the signal. Whatever “queer humour” is, what Maurice delivered in full measure in his four-minute speech, hit the mark. He had the LGBT community and those lobbying for “gay marriage” rolling on the floor of the debating chamber with laughter, or cramped in the foetal positions in their leather chairs dying of gay mirth.

Were they all laughing at an ‘Emperor’ with no clothes on, or not? Certainly those opposed to the bill saw his fatuous ramblings as nothing more than empty naked rhetoric laced with mockery and ridicule for people who had merely exercised their right to express a view on the bill.

Not a single key argument raised by opponents of the bill was dealt with by Williamson in his speech in a rational, logical and coherent manner. He just ignored them all and fired cheap shots at the bill’s opponents.

We did learn at least one profound truth from Mr Williamson’s speech: that despite his mature years, he has not learnt to pronounce the word “celibacy”.


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    In his celebrated speech to Parliament at the third reading of the Marriage Act amendment bill, Minister outside of Cabinet Maurice Williamson stated “I also had a leader tell me I would burn in the fires of hell for eternity ..”. It is now revealed that the “leader” in question was Williamson’s party leader, the Prime Minister John Key, and that the comment was made in the course of a joking exchange between the two when Williamson apprised Key of his intention to speak in favour of the Amendment. By a narrow definition Williamson’s statement to parliament was therefore “true”, but by substituting the indefinite article “a” for the possessive pronoun “my” Williamson knowingly deceived four million New Zealanders into thinking that he was referring to a leader from among the religious opponents to the bill.
    From the outset the New Zealand news media duopoly of APN and Fairfax media knew the true story, but for reasons of their own chose not to tell the public. Instead, to provide themselves with a defence against the day when the truth finally emerged, they tagged Williamson’s address to parliament as a “humorous speech” which is media code for “Don’t take any of this too seriously”.

    However millions of New Zealanders do believe what their politicians say in Parliament and take what they read in the newspapers at face value. They are largely ignorant of the codes which journalists use to indicate to each other that a story is of doubtful veracity, or simply untrue. Millions of ordinary New Zealanders have been deceived by a politician who is in contempt of the truth and betrayed by the journalists who gratuitously handed him a “Get out of jail free” card.

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