New Green MP Kevin Hague likely to promote anti-family policies says Director of Family Life International – NZ

November 10, 2008 by Brendan Malone Director Family Life International – NZ

[Family Life International – a Catholic pro-life organisation – was registered as a charity with the Charities Commission on 28 April 2008 (Reg. No. CC23462)].

Well we have a new government, but while all the attention has been focusing on John Key and the National party, the latest member of the Green party to make it into parliament has received very little attention.

His name is Kevin Hague, and he will be a concern for those of us who care about marriage and family issues in NZ.

Firstly, he is the former head of the NZ AIDS Foundation – a gay lobby group [and registered charity] that has been responsible for some of the most immoral and obscene “safe” sex campaigns in NZ (one recent campaign even involved a website which gave tips on “cruising” – the practice of meeting strangers in public places for anonymous homosexual sex).

Secondly, in a recent interview with he stated that he considers the following issues a priority for his time in parliament…

1. Gay adoption
2. Full gay marriage
3. “Resourcing” for gay youth groups
4. Removing the right of NZ schools to say no to gay activist groups like Rainbow Youth

Remember the Greens already have Metiria Turei back again – the Green MP who has a bill to legalise gay adoption in NZ, and who lists “anarchist activism” as one of the aspects of her life experience over the last 20 years.

Make no mistake about it, Hague is an MP who is almost certainly going to be of concern to those of us who care about marriage and family issues in this country.


  1. ConstantNeophyte says

    What a crock of sh*t. Who decided Brendan Malone the authority to define what “family” is. Tiny-minded bigot.

  2. SPCS says

    ConstantNeophyte, what is your definition of the “family”? Are you an authority on such matters and if so why? Where on earth does Mr Malone actually “define what a family is”? Are you a tiny-minded bigot and if not why not?

  3. says

    ConstantNeophyte is intolerant. He/she thinks his/her view is right and wants to exclude Brendan Malone’s view. How dare he/she go online and spout off such intolerance and hatred. Talk about bigoted!

  4. Chuck Bird says

    I could accept these observed campaigns if they worked. The fact is they do not. They do the opposite. To put homosexual rights activist like Kevin Hague, Peter Davis his mate the Health and Disability Commissioner, Ron Paterson in positions of determining sexual health policy is about as sensible as putting a pedophile in charge of a kindergarten.

    Male homosexuals make up about 2% of the population yet account for about 80% HIV infections acquired in NZ. Hague and his mates lie about the effectiveness of condoms. His lies are killing innocent people.

    The fact that under MMP we get MPs like Hague is a very good reason to change the system of voting.

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