NZ Post Judges and author “are out to pollute the moral innocence of kids” says Family First NZ

Family First NZ, a registered charity, has issued a media release calling on NZ Post to withdraw an award from a children’s book author

30 June 2013

Call for NZ Post To Withdraw Award From Book

Family First is calling on NZ Post to withdraw their support and the award from Ted Dawe’s Into the River book which won top prize in the annual New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards

“This is an offensive and sexually explicit book which is completely inappropriate for young people, will be shocking to most New Zealand parents, and shows that the judges of the Awards have completely lost the plot,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“We were shocked to see the graphic sexual nature of the book and the foul language, and horrified to know that it is now an ‘award-winning’ book being stocked in school libraries and targeted at young people.”

“I think every New Zealand parent would be saying ‘what were the judges thinking?’. We would also question the wisdom of the School Library Association for thinking that it might be appropriate. This is an adult book that even adults would find offensive. What other books does the Association think appropriate but parents wouldn’t?” says Mr McCoskrie.

“It appears that the author and also the judges are out to pollute the moral innocence of kids.”

Family First is calling on New Zealand Post to withdraw the award, and to avoid association with the Awards until the judges show better judgement.


Family First website

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Published: 8:36PM Monday June 24, 2013 Source: ONE News


  1. Hailee Wilkinson says

    I sat here at my study with my mouth wide open in horror and disgust. I don’t even need to KNOW what else the book says to know the agenda behind this whole thing. Look around you people. Look at where this world is headed. Look at the world our children have to live in. Look at how depraved we get year by year, month by month, week by week and day by day. Look at how any beautiful innocence is completely destroyed and tramped on because some perverted mind needed to express those disgusting thoughts he meditates on. as a mother and woman I am disgusted. To write something like this means these are the authors thoughts. He himself is a pedophile in thought. He gets to bathe in his own pervertedness and call it “art”. To think such vile things and then to write about them so others can share in it? I just finished watching the series of Anne of green gables with my two daughters. We marvled in the femininity, the purity, the class, the elegance. I left the screen feeling such sadness. Look what has happened. Look what our children live with. We scoff at those who try and warn people about this kind of behavior. We say things like “oh its harmless fun” or “we are in the 21st century”. Little do we realize that every little piece makes up a bigger picture. Where do we draw the line? Step by step we walk closer to utter chaos. There will be no restraint on such filth. God help us. God help us that still have a reverence for what is good and what is right. Help us stand firm in our faith. Help us raise our children to be even stronger than what this polluted world tries to drown us in.

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