Society Granted Leave to have classification of Grand Theft Auto IV (unedited US version) reviewed

Press Release 21 July 2008

The Society was today granted leave by the Secretary of Internal Affairs, Mr Brendan Boyle, to apply to the Film and Literature Board of Review to review the classification of the computer game Grand Theft Auto IV (unedited US version). The game was classified R18 by the Chief Censor’s Office.

The Secretary acknowledges in his decision dated 21 July that he received the Society’s application seeking leave, on 27 May 2008 and states in par 18-20:

“I found no evidence in the application to suggest that it was vexatious … I then considered whether the application for leave was frivolous (trivial, needless or unfounded, or so untenable that it could not succeed) under the Guidelines… I found that the application for leave from the SPCS appeared to be tenable in that it could possibly succeed. The application was therefore not frivolous. It is also my view that the SPCS has established an arguable prima facie case for the application to be considered by the Board.” (Full decision available


  1. spcslol says

    Why would you do this, I don’t see how people playing a video game are affecting you, unless you really are deluded enough to think that everyone playing it is going to go on a drug-fueled, prostitute killing

    P.S It’s a game, not real life.

  2. gonzoisme says

    This is just a waste of everybody’s time. Banning any media just A)Inadvertently promotes it B)forces it underground where the NZ classifications don’t exist.

  3. says

    Did you actually make the effort to play the game, if you take the time to play this instead of forming an opinion based on the desire to blame societies faults on video games you will find that GTA has a very strong underlying message that crim e does not pay. The protagonist will loose what is dear to him in life because of his crimes. YOu will meet the most miserable individuals that depict the dire results of their choices. You get to see the results of drug use on young people in the game and again a strong message to stay away from it is part of this.

    GTA glorifies nothing about the world it depicts, you get to lead the life of crime but it most certainly will not entice you to translate this into real life whatsoever.
    Similarly to what is seen in so many gangster movies, it’s interesting and entertaining to watch as it’s equally entertaining to play. In no way would you want to lead their lives.

    Enforcing your views upon others based on your personal values is a much more dangerous then what this game depicts.
    This is no difference then burning books and the last time someone thought it was up to him to set the values for all the rest of society it was called facism.

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