“On yer bike [Steve Crow] – don’t blame council for flop [of Erotica Expo]” – Manawatu Standard

OPINION – by Warwick Rasnussen – Deputy Editor – Manawatu Standard. 01/03/2012

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fringe conspiracy theory thinking does Mr Crow no favours. And if he seriously thinks that the council plotted against him, he’s got to be kidding.”

It caused plenty of reaction when it first arrived in town, but it will leave with barely a whimper.

In 2005 when it first came to Palmerston North, and every subsequent return, the Boobs on Bikes parade and Erotica Expo it promoted raised the hackles of people who thought it was filth, degrading to women and downright inappropriate.

It was hard to gauge whether the anger towards organiser Steve Crow’s activities was more aimed at the parade or the expo. He also had his share of supporters, who used the defence of “if you don’t like it, don’t look at it”.

Now that Mr Crow has announced that the expo and parade will no longer be in Palmerston North, you’d think that would be the end of it and both sides would move on.

Clearly, it had a lot of impact in the first few years, but the shock value and free publicity that Mr Crow and his events had simply wore off.

Marketed as something a bit risque, it ended up being something of a sad fizzer.

It had done its dash and once the money and the punters started to dwindle, it would have been an easy commercial decision for Mr Crow to make.

That didn’t stop him taking a pot shot at the city council, claiming that they should be “embarrassed and ashamed of themselves” in an online rant.

The verbal spray was because Mr Crow believed there was some kind of deliberate plan by the council to put on a number of other events the same weekend as the expo, just to make sure his event didn’t succeed.

He failed to consider that Palmerston North is actually a city where things happen and, during summer especially, there are plenty of events on when the weekend rolls around.

That fringe conspiracy theory thinking does Mr Crow no favours.

And if he seriously thinks that the council plotted against him, he’s got to be kidding.

Events run their course and just because you turn up year after year doesn’t mean you should expect the same result each time.


While many would be glad to see the back of the Boobs on Bike parade and associated Erotica Expo, the same can’t be said for the Lift Off Levin balloon festival….



Freebies ‘spoiled expo’ – Diddums – says Family First NZ

Manawatu Standard 29 Feb 2012

The controversial Erotica Expo and Boobs on Bikes parade will no longer be held in Palmerston North – but organiser Steve Crow has fired some parting shots. Mr Crow confirmed the expo, which first came to Palmerston North in 2005, would not return after door sales were down 50 per cent on previous years. He blamed the city council for scheduling other, free events on the same weekend as the expo. “I suggest that Palmerston North City Council should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves,” he wrote online. “We help them out by moving our show dates because they originally clashed with the 2011 Santa Parade … then they put on a number of free events on the same weekend they rent us a venue for our event.”


Posted by Bob McCoskrie, National Director, Family First NZ – a registered charity

on http://www.familyfirst.org.nz/2012/03/freebies-spoiled-expo-diddums/

STEVE CROW Makes a Boob of himself: Editorial – Manawatu Standard

Editorial: by Michael Cummings – Editorial. Story Fairfax NZ News

OPINION: It’s just as well that pornographer Steve Crow seems immune to public embarrassment, otherwise the sad and shambolic affair that was his Boobs on Bike parade and Erotica Expo in Palmerston North might have really stung.

Friday’s parade – if it can be called that – resembled a bad Monty Python sketch, with Mr Crow scrambling to find some motorbikes (“I forgot to book the hog guys so we had to borrow some bikes”), delaying the scheduled start. When things finally got underway, one of the five bare-breasted women on show missed out on a lift from a black, menacing steed and had to instead settle for the back of a dainty pink scooter.

She probably felt silly (maybe even self-conscious?) until the convoy set off and she realised that there wasn’t actually anyone lining the streets to catch a glimpse of her wares.

As the riders dodged the metaphorical tumbleweed and the women waved at bemused elderly men walking home with their groceries, the human indignity of a parade with no spectators was palpable. It was about as seductive as a sock puppet show at a church gala.

While ticket sales to the expo in the Barber Hall were still being tallied, Mr Crow didn’t sound hopeful there would be enough public support to warrant a return to Palmerston North. With only a couple of dozen stalls this year – including one selling fudge and another promoting overseas holidays – it’s a fairly safe bet the Erotica Expo won’t be back any time soon. It’s a curious change in fortune for the event, which had hundreds of people lining the streets for the parade and many more visiting the expo when it first came to Palmerston North in 2005.

For more see:

http://www.stuff.co.nz/manawatu-standard/opinion/6483649/Editorial-Crow-makes-a-boob-of-himself [Read more…]

Erotica Expo unlikely for Claudelands Arena – Hamilton

Jumpy city councillors appear unlikely to back a plan to bring a sex expo to Hamilton’s Claudelands Arena in March.

That’s despite the facility facing a loss of up to $1.7 million in its first year, and the recent formation of a working group to pare down its budgets and muster custom.

Expo promoters Esprit Events’ spokesman David Crow said there were misconceptions about the expo, which featured “everything from luxury cars through spa pools, candy, liquor, tattooists [and] holidays to adult products. Of course we also provide a range of entertainment, including adult, for both genders,” he said. [Espirit Events Ltd was incorporated on 10 November 2011 and is directed by John Malcolm Carr, business partner of Steve Crow, David Crow’s brother. It is owned by CVC Group Ltd which is also directed by John M Carr].

He [David Crow] expected up to 10,000 visitors at the R18 show and said the exhibition would also draw on local accommodation providers and suppliers during the course of a likely three day event.

http://www.stuff.co.nz/waikato-times/news/5996228/Erotica-expo-unlikely-for-Claudelands [Read more…]

Hamilton Councillors Should Reject Sex Expo – says Family First NZ

Family First NZ, a registered charity with the Charities Commission, has issued a media release today, calling on Hamilton Councillors to refuse an application t0 stage a Sex Expo, promoting hardcore pornography, in council-owned buildings.

Family First NZ Media Release 18 November:

Hamilton Councillors Should Reject Sex Expo

Family First NZ is calling on Hamilton Councillors to reject the application for the Erotica Expo to be held in the council-owned Claudelands Arena.

 “Council buildings should only be available for family-friendly events which are beneficial to the community. The Erotica Expo is simply an attempt to normalise the hard core pornography industry,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

 “Pornography has a damaging effect on intimacy, love, and respect and at its worst, leads to sex role stereotyping, viewing persons as sexual objects, and family breakdown.”

 Research at Australia’s La Trobe University recently concluded “This is not about couples going to the porn store to spice up their sex lives. Men in growing numbers are using porn in ways that are secret, shameful and damaging. It is having a damaging impact on intimacy and sexuality.”

Research has also shown that children who are exposed to pornography develop skewed ideas about sex and sexuality, which lead to negative stereotypes of women, sexual activity at a young age, and increased aggression in boys.

A meta-analysis of research by the National Foundation for Family Research and Education (NFFRE) at the University of Calgary found that viewing pornography leads to perceptions of sexual dominance, sex role stereotyping, viewing persons as sexual objects, sexual aggressiveness, and sexually hostility and violent behaviours.

“We are asking the Hamilton City Council to exercise moral leadership and act in the best interests of families by rejecting this application. The Council should not be associated in any way with the promotion of the pornography industry which harms our families,” says Mr McCoskrie