Hamish McIntosh – Ross Asset Management investor – ordered to repay $454K

Hamish McIntosh: Is a Wellington lawyer who was an investor in one of New Zealand’s biggest Ponzi schemes . who has been ordered to pay back the fictitious profits he withdrew.

McIntosh, who lost his appeal for name suppression was an investor in Ross Asset Management (RAM) and was being pursued for hundreds of thousands of dollars in a “clawback” claim by liquidators.

McIntosh withdrew $954,000 from RAM’s Ponzi-style scheme before it collapsed.

In March the court heard the investor borrowed $500,000 from Westpac to invest with RAM in April 2007 and was paid out $954,000 in November 2011.

In a judgment issued on Tuesday Justice Alan MacKenzie ordered McIntosh to pay to the liquidators $454,047.62. However, he did not have to pay the liquidator his $500,000 investment.

Liquidator John Fisk said he believed the judge had made a fair and balanced assessment . [Read more…]

Revealed: Millionaire drug addict Mark Lyon convicted of sex charges

Millionaire drug addict Mark Lyon can be revealed as the 59-year-old businessman convicted of a range of drug and sex offences last year, including offences against girls as young as 14.

Name suppression lapsed at 5pm today, exposing Lyon as using methamphetamine to exploit sex acts from girls – and carrying out a prolonged punishment assault against a woman shackled in a “dungeon”.

The woman’s agony through the sexual assault was such she begged Lyon to rape her so it would be over.

Lyon was sentenced to 15 years in jail in December in the High Court at Auckland with a minimum of eight years to be served before a parole hearing. He stood trial with a woman aged 20 who was also found guilty on charges of getting Lyon young girls for his sexual gratification.

The prison sentence brings to an end the millionaire property developer’s public fall from grace. He went from being one of the city’s most insightful businessmen to someone immersed in drug culture and preyed on by gang members.

The charges came after a police raid on a 29-apartment building owned by Lyon in Eden Terrace which he used to house associates and friends immersed in the same lifestyle.

Police had unpicked the case after Lyon’s co-accused – conflicted over her role – told a youth aid officer Lyon was using her to get young girls for sex. [Read more…]

Well-known Auckland businessman shackled and sexually violated teenage girls

A prominent Auckland businessman has been sentenced to 15 years behind bars for operating a dungeon where he forced underage drug-addicted girls to perform sexual acts on him in exchange for methamphetamine.

The court heard the extent of the 59-year-old’s offending left his victims degraded, humiliated and scarred for life.

The man has been granted ongoing name suppression until February next year despite some of his victims and their families wanting the order lifted. [Read more…]

Name suppression for Auckland businessman and “pimp” on trial for sex exploitation

The “wealthy Auckland businessman” faces 23 charges including disabling or stupefying, supplying Class A and Class B drugs, indecent assault, sexual violation, abduction, inducing or compelling a person to provide commercial sexual services and four counts of receiving commercial sexual services from a person under 18 years old. [Read more…]

Concerns over suppression in child sex tour case

ECPAT, a charity registered with the Charities Commission, says public needs to be aware of jailed man’s identity, even though a Court Judge has granted him name suppression.

Challege Weekly reports …

ECPAT Child ALERT’s national director is concerned over the issues of name suppression for a child sex tour organiser, who was sentenced to three years imprisonment by the High Court last week.

Alan Bell also raised concerns over the fact that the 47-year old offender was charged in August 2010, over 18 months ago. “It is disturbing that this case took 18 months to bring to conclusion,” Mr Bell told Challenge Weekly. “During this time the accused was free and could hide behind name suppression. Criminal charges where the safety of children is concerned should be dealt with swifly and unless there is a child protection issue, the name should be released so that the public are aware,” he says.

Justice Edwin Wylie passed the sentence at Auckland’s High Court on February 14, stating that he hoped it would send a strong message. The man is the first person in New Zealand to be charged with organising and promoting child sex tours.

Mr Bell said the sentence was reasonable given that it was a difficult one for the judge to arrive at because there was no precedent. “He didn’t have any other cases of this nature to gauge whether this was more serious and less serious. He came out and gave a three-year sentence of a seven-year maximum. We feel thast’s reasonable in this case. There has to be provision for more serious cases that may occur in the future.” [Read more…]