The SPCS blog – Purpose clearly stated

As the Society’s executive has clearly stated on this website, ever since the Society was granted charity status by the Charities Commission on 17 December 2007, ………….

The Society’s Web blog aims to stimulate rational reflection on, and reasoned appraisal of, a wide range of issues affecting families and society. Since human opinion is always corrigible and meaningful assertions imply conditions under which they may be falsified, the web blog opinion piece articles are written in the belief that truth is ultimately independent of opinion. The opinions and views expressed in such web log articles do not necessarily wholly reflect the Society’s stance. They are simply deemed to be worth publishing for readers to consider, evaluate, respond to, etc. A careful effort is made to ensure that no article is published that promotes or defends any viewpoint that is contrary to, or might undermine or negate, our Society’s objectives.

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The Society’s objectives have been registered with the Registrar of Societies. See (Inc. Soc. No. 217833. Incorporated 26/09/07) or viewed at