Topless Vatican protesters – “In gay we trust” – Video Link

Four women went topless in St. Peter’s Square to protest the Vatican’s opposition to gay marriage as he delivered his traditional prayer from his studio window overlooking the piazza … Protester and protest spokeswoman Inna Shevchenko, a “Ukrainian Feminist”, told a reporter on camera:

“Today we go with a message to the Pope to shut up his mouth and not to give his advices [sic] to those people who decide to legalise gay marriage. Today we are here to possess [sic] [protest] against homophobia”.

To view the videos illustrating the extreme tactics of some within the “gay”rights movement see:

For a scholarly analysis of the term “homphobia” see the SPCS article:

The term ‘Homphonia’: Its Origins and Meanings, and its uses in the Homosexual Agenda

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