TV3 Campbell Live ‘Marriage-Equality bill’ poll: 78% opposed to bill (17,000 responses)

Last night (17 April) TV3 Campbell Live ran a poll on Louisa Wall’s same-sex ‘marriage’ bill (the so-called ‘Marriage-Equality bill’)  and there were “nearly 17,000″ respondents (by text) to the question: “Do you support the ‘Marriage-Equality bill’?” – YES or NO.

TV3 host John Campbell announced the results at the end of the programme: 78% opposed to bill (“NO”) and only 22% supported it (“YES”). Campbell stated that he believed this was the second largest number of responses ever received to a TV3 poll.

In Parliament last night the Bill was supported at its Third Reading by a majority of MPs: 77 in favour: 43 opposed. This result is a total reversal of the TV3 poll results and shows that opponents of the bill are right in demanding a referendum on this issue.

Why has there been a media blackout on this TV3 poll result that suggests that the majority of MPs may have misjudged the strength of public opinion against this bill?


  1. Roger Bust says

    “Governments don’t run countries. Corporations do”
    This is a shame. Just proves we don’t live in a Democracy, and we are being lied to & manipulated by foreces who abuse human rights.

  2. Sarah says

    I don’t mean to discriminant, I am not against peoples right to have freedom to spend their lifes with who every they choose. But I strongly oppose this bill. God intended ‘marriage’ only to be between a man and women. if a gay couple feels that they need the same rights, then ok, they can have the same rights… but it’s not called “marriage”. the word should not be redefined against the holy scriptures of the world to please a small minority of people. I find it very insulting that I might be called someone who is anti-gay… but I’m not! I call those who approve of calling this bill a “marriage” as being anti-religion because they manipulating what God has ordained to please themselves. Would the government like to re-write the Torah, Bible, Koran so that it pleases them? it really is just insulting for those of us who have Faith in God and his Messengers. Bring on a referendum!

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